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A620-3 EEG/Neurofeedback System
A620-3 EEG/Neurofeedback System

Announcing the New

A620-3 EEG Neurofeedback System

• A Non-Pharmacological Alternative for the Biofeedback Professional •

The Profession’s Most Trusted EEG Instrument is Back with New Windows-Compatibility
and State-of-the-Art Hardware

Since it's introduction in the 1990s, the A620 EEG has been used for thousands of hours by Professionals in their biofeedback practice.

No oth
er Neurofeedback instrument has the reputation of the A620 EEG and the new version, the A620-3 EEG, continues the precedent-setting performance with new software and state-of-the-art hardware for today's computer marketplace.

The A620-3 EEG incorporates the same operating characteristics of its predecessor with new Windows-type screens and easier to use mouse and keyboard commands.

New Computer Interface

The A620-3 EEG is now fully Windows platform-compatible from Windows 95 through XP and connecting your notebook or desktop computer is a cinch. The instrument can be connected directly to the computer Serial or USB Port. There’s no need to open your computer to add a PCI card.

New Technology

The A620-3 EEG now uses a new Signal Processing chip that provides crisp, clear EEG signals for easier interpretation. A new external power supply eliminates the need to open your computer to connect the A620-3.

The all-new A620-3 EEG features:

• Windows 95 to XP compatibility
• Use with notebook or PC computers
• New windows-type displays
• Easy to use mouse & keyboard functions
• Selectable EEG frequencies 1 to 32 HZ
• Over 500 biofeedback displays
• Real-time feedback information
• Full data entry per patient
• USB serial port connection
• New Technology

All of this is backed by over 100 years of Stoelting-Autogenics experience in physiological measuring.

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Price: $3495.00

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